What would my daily life be without movies? You may not know it but I’m passionate about film for a long time, I even made my memory in party on a unique American documentary filmmaker: Frederic Wiseman. It is also true that every year I try to go around the award winning films and maintain this passion for the big screen. Because, as more and more people today, I do not watch anything on television (except sometimes Arte or France 5 in replay) because it no longer corresponds to my expectations. However, between standardized and hollow programs, extension advertisements and films that loop every year, I can’t find myself. Plus it’s a pity to have a Panasonic home theater system and not to use it thoroughly!

That’s why I propose today a list of 100 movies to see or review, sorted by genre, as well as a link to Allociné if you want to know more! In this list I voluntarily ruled out the sagas like Starwars, Harry Potter, the Lords of the years, the Marvels and other DC comics because I think we know them at least all of the name, needless to recommend them again!

I hope this list of non-exhaustive films will amuse you during your evenings cocooning!


Mulholland Drive, David Lynch, 2001

American Psycho, Mary Harron, 2000

The freed, Martin Scorsese, 1990

Shutter Island, Martin Scorsese, 2010

The Prestige, Christopher Nolan, 2006

Seven, David Fincher, 1995

Shining, Stanley Kubrick, 1980

Gone Girl, David Fincher, 2014


Shame, Steve McQueen (II), 2011

Requiem for a Dream, Darren Aronofsky, 2000

Mechanical Orange, Stanley Kubrick, 1971

All about my mother, Pedro Almodovar, 1988

Rain Man, Barry Levinson, 1988

Life is beautiful, Roberto Benigni, 1998

Mustang, Deniz Ergüven, 2018

Virgin suicides, Sofia Coppola, 1999

Green Sun, Richard Fleischer, 1973

Philadelphia, Jonathan Demme, 1993

Thelma and Louise, Ridley Scott, 1991

The color of feelings, Tate Taylor, 2011

Whiplash, Damien Chazelle, 2014

120 beats per Minute, Robin Campillo, 2017

The Book Thief, Brian Percival, 2014

Forrest Gump, Robert Zemeckis, 1994


The Big Lebowski, Joel Coen, 1998

The dinner of cons, Francis Veber, 1998

Good morning England, Richard Curtis, 2009

The Truman Show, Peter Weir, 1998

An endless day, Harold Ramis, 1993

Dark Shadows, Tim Burton, 2012

The city of Fear, Alain Berberian, 1994

Hot Fuzz, Edgar Wright, 2007

The Mask, Chuck Russell, 1994

Life is a long quiet river, Étienne Chatiliez, 1988

Rasta Rockett, Jon Turteltaub, 1993


Inception, Christopher Nolan 2010

Inglourious Basterds, Quentin Tarantino, 2009

Lord of War, Andrew Niccol, 2005

The butterfly Effect, Eric bre, J. Mackye Gruber, 2004

Sherlock Holmes, Guy Ritchie, 2010


Edward at Silver hands, Tim Burton, 1990

Sleepy Hollow, Legend of Headless rider, Tim Burton, 1999

The maze of Pan, Guillermo del Toro, 2006

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, Terry Gilliam, 2009

Addams family Values, Barry Sonnenfeld, 1993

Donnie Darko, Richard Kelly, 2001

La Mouche, David Cronenberg, 1986

Old Movies

Psychosis, Alfred Hitchcock, 1960

Modern times, Charles Chaplin, 1936

The seven mercenaries, John Sturges, 1960

The Portrait of Dorian Gray, Albert Lewin, 1945

Rosemary Baby, Roman Polanski, 1968

Hiroshima Mon amour, Alain Reborn, 1959

Dr. Strangelove, Stanley Kubrick, 1964

The swimming pool, Jacques DeRay, 1969

The Voyage in the moon, Georges Méliès, 1902

A monkey in winter, Henri Verneuil, 1962

The dictator, Charles Chaplin, 1940

The village of the Damned, Wolf Rilla, 1960

Flight over Cuckoo’s Nest, Miloš Forman, 1975


Coco, Adrian Molina, Lee Unkrich, 2017

Ratatouille, Brad Bird, Jan Pinkava, 2007

Chihiro’s Journey, Hayao Miyazaki, 2001

Princess Mononoke, Hayao Miyazaki, 1997

The tomb of the Fireflies, Isao Takahata, 1988

Persepolis, Marjane Satrapi and Vincent Paronnaud (Winshluss), 2007

Vice versa, Pete Docter and Ronnie del Carmen, 2015

Zootopie, Byron Howard, Jared Bush, Rich Moore, 2016

My life of zucchini, Claude Barras, 2015


Elephant Man, Film by David Lynch, 1980

The speech of a king, Tom Hooper,2010

Bonnie and Clyde, Arthur Penn, 1967

Imitation Game, Morten Tyldum, 2014

Yves Saint Laurent, Jalil Lespert, 2014

Frida, Julie Taymor, 2003

The Butler, Lee Daniels, 2013

Chocolate, Roschdy Zem, 2016

The dancer, Stéphanie Di Giusto, 2016

The Greatest Showman, Michael Gracey, 2017

The Figures of the Shadows, Theodore Melfi, 2016

A wonderful history of time, James Marsh, 2015

Bohemian Rhapsody, Bryan singer, 2018

The Danish Girls, Tom Hooper, 2016


Merry Christmas, Christian Carin, 2005

Dunkirk, Christopher Nolan, 2017

Barry Lyndon, by Stanley Kubrick, 1975

Spotlight, Tom McCarthy, 2016

Goodbye up there, Albert Dupontel, 2017

The Last Samurai, Edward Zwick, 2004

Amadeus, Milos Forman 1984


Tomorrow, Cyril Dion, Mélanie Laurent, 2015

November 13: Fluctuat Nec Mergitur, Gideon Naina, Jules Naina, 2018

The salt of the Earth, Wim Wenders, Juliano Ribeiro Salgado, 2014

People’s lives, Olivier du Cray, 2015

The new watchdogs, Gilles Balbastre, Yannick Kergoat, 2012

Waltz with Bachir, Ari Folman, 2008

Felines, Keith Scholey, Alastair Fothergill, 2012

The invisible, Sébastien Lifshitz, 2012

Bowling for Columbine, Michael Moore, 2002

The last of the unjust, Claude Lanzmann, 2013

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