The bridges of the month of may, this period that everyone waits impatiently every year to escape a little while waiting for the summer holidays. I reassure you right away, it is not because I live on the French Riviera, that I do not want to change the air and discover the rest of France. So it’s gone! Ouicar, five days, three people, one car, one destination: a good road trip. Day 1: passing through Toulouse We collect our 208 in Toulon the day before to leave early on Wednesday 8 May and take the time to discover Toulouse on the way. Another one of our beautiful cities. This stop also has the advantage of cutting our journey in two so as not to do the 7:30 hours of road of one milking. So here we are in Toulouse (to pronounce with the accent of course) the pink city. Although time is not on our side, it has not prevented us from having a good time strolling through the city centre. Among the most beautiful places; The place du Capitole, the Saint-Georges quarter, the Quartier Saint-Etienne and the convent of the Jacobins. The rain even gave us a good excuse to take a pundit at brolenda! Unfortunately it will be necessary to return to enjoy a little more of Toulouse because we have left the road before arriving in the Landes, in Biscarrosse. It is therefore around 7:30 pm that we arrive at camping Campeole Navarosse where we are expected. The mobile homes are spacious and very well furnished, it is possible to rent bikes for the week to discover the surroundings. It must be said that the Landes have the advantage of being rather flat and therefore very nice to travel by bike whether it be with friends or family. You can even take a paddle tour on the Lake! Day 2: the Landes, Arcachon and the dune du Pilat On the morning of the second day, and after a breakfast champion, we continue our exploration of the region. Starting with the city of Arcachon, especially known for its oysters and the Cap ferret that faces it. Living on the shores of the Mediterranean, I am not accustomed to the changes in weather on the Atlantic coast. In a few hours we went through just about every possible time! In fact, Arcachon is one of the oldest seaside towns in the Atlantic façade. Between the Thiers Pier, the market and the winter city, everyone will find their own account; and of course everything can be done by bike! Impossible to be in the Landes without going through the famous dune du Pilat, the largest natural dune in Europe. I had often seen it in a photo but it is really impressive, especially when you are at the foot and you have to climb. After an unsuccessful and dangerous attempt to climb it off the beaten track, it is still not prudent to venture away from the tourist path when you do not know it. The wind can be very violent in some places. If we had not taken the time to stop, I think we would have deeply regretted it. It is true that it is a unique site that is worth the detour! Day 3: surfing discovery The morning of our third day of tripbackpack is animated by a treasure hunt led by cheerz! Each team had an envelope with photos and had to find the places of the corresponding campsite. A fun hunt that also allowed us to meet the other bloggers present. We then went to explore Biscarrosse by bike! As I said a little higher, there are many bike paths in the area as the Landes are crossed by the Vélodysey: a European bike route. Obviously, you will meet many ultra-equipped cyclists who travel Europe! After a dozen kilometers with our pretty bicycles, we take the road from the school gang surf to Biscarrosse Plage. Bianca, our afternoon instructor, explains the basics of this very physical discipline. Much more physical than in my vague childhood memories. I confess that the sports of gliding are not at all my cup of tea, even if I enjoyed these sensations of gliding, I did not manage to stand, only on my knees. What’s not bad in an hour and a half will tell you! But like many Mediteranean, the ocean seems to me so unpredictable and powerful that I sometimes have a reluctance to bathe there… Anyway, I sincerely thank gang surf and Bianca for their welcome and patience as we were still almost twenty neophytes to manage! After our surfing session, it is a giant aperitif that awaits us with a tasting of oysters of the bassin d’Arcachon! I confess that I had never eaten raw before. The texture is killing me a bit but I thought that if I did not eat it at that time, I would probably not taste so fresh so soon! To be honest, I do not love it and after three I had plenty enough, but I was pleasantly surprised. I sincerely expected not to appreciate it. Day 4: Welcome to Bordeaux Our fourth day is dedicated to discovering Bordeaux with my girlfriend Elyne! I was intrigued for quite a while by this city but it is not easy in France to go from East to West by train… When Ouicar offered me this stay I was even more delighted! Very accessible by train or plane, it is also very well served by public transport and easily passable by bike. A city that has everything to please! Can’t leave Bordeaux without walking through its pedestrian streets and eating fluted! The place de la Comédie, the Jacques Chaban-Delmas bridge, the Cailhau gate, the Bourse square, the water mirror, the Saint-André Cathedral, the big Bell, the Girondins monument, the Saint-Michel Spire, the Porte d’Aquitaine, the Porte de Bourgogne, the city of wine… Not to mention a great break tasting at excuse my French, a real favorite! Day 5: it's time to go home On the morning of the fifth day, it is time for us to return to the French Riviera. The Landes were a real favorite for us. I can’t wait to go back there to enjoy nature, hiking and why not surf again! After about 800km it is time to return its 208 to Zohra. Thanks again to Ouicar for this great stay. I hope that this excursion in the Landes will have made you want to discover or rediscover this beautiful region of France! Noter cet article