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About me

In love with life, details, discoveries.

My name is Manon, I am 25 years old and I live in Toulon on the French Riviera. Today I work in the creative world as a designer and photographer.

I grew up in the Vosges surrounded by my parents and my little brother. They have always had a heart to make us discover the world and its wonders until the most beautiful of experiences: to live abroad. Between 1998 and 2000 we lived in Tahiti, a real chance and a period that marked the rest of my life.

As a child, I had a real attraction for the arts in General and since college I had the goal of becoming an artist. It was at this time that I started on software like Photoshop but also in photography. After a BAC literary speciality in plastic arts, I joined the National School of art and design of Nancy, then specializes in graphic design, photography.

Passionate about small and big trips, I love to lose myself in the cities and wander for hours. Arriving in the South, I took the necessary step back to really start blogging (in parallel with my activity as a designer) and develop partnerships with brands (although my speciality remains the journey) like Cacharel, Lancôme, Pommpear , Charlie watch, Intersport, Petit boat… and participate in many events in the PACA region.

Currently, photography and social networks are part of my professional activity that allows me to fulfill all my passions, including the journey!


Content creation

Graphic Design

In love with the world since I was a little girl, I travel France, Europe, the continents, with all the curiosity that sleeps in me. And especially I share it with pleasure!

You want to find someone who can create content for your social networks and manage them for you? With a wide experience thanks to my own social networks, I am able to coordinate all your.

Logotype, graphic Charter, publishing, illustration, communication media, website, outreach…. After 5 years at the National School of art and design of Nancy, a year and a half in company and two years in freelance, I realize works for many structures, Art Center, particular, local companies….

My work is drawn in three axes, graphic design & community management, photography and blogging. 

For questions and requests, contact me by email at

You can also download my media Kit here