2018 was a year particularly rich in bounce and change of life but if there is one thing that I have come to understand is that it becomes urgent to get back to the basics in my life, and this at all levels.

I have spent many years believing that possession was the happiness. I was wrong. I thought I was unable to live from my passion, I was afraid, but I did. I attached a great deal of importance to others and to their judgment, it was a mistake. I doubted when I was told that I was making a mistake to leave the Vosges, which I was going to regret, fortunately I did not listen. I was never satisfied with my body, I deeply abused it but I ended up loving it.

I made the big decision to get started on my own, it was an ordeal and it still is… But I’ve never been better in my life.

Because I have the opportunity, I decided to live every experience that would come to me. Those who have made their passion a trade will recognize themselves may be in this phrase “You are lucky to do what you want”. This phrase seems trivial and yet it is terribly irritating. It’s not a “chance” it’s a risk we take every day. These are weeks when you do not count the hours, weekends, evenings to work, the almost impossible to really disconnect, not to mention the administrative, the precariousness… It is not a chance, it is a choice of life that everyone is free to do or not.

This choice of life offers me some possibilities such as refocusing on what I want to achieve. 2019 will be an opportunity to develop my passions for travel and photography. I reassure you, who says travel does not necessarily say a lot of money, it all depends on the priorities that one sets, mine are not to buy a new phone, a new car, or to invest in an apartment or a house. My priority is to be able to discover the world.

Certainly I can not change car, buy me clothes, but in the background, do I really need it? My car is going very well, well I admit the AC would be more comfortable… And my cupboards are full. So I did the sorting, sold and gave a lot of things that I didn’t use or that I wasn’t wearing. Now I’m bartering.

The key is also to surround yourself with few people, but well. People grow, evolve, change, relationships are made, are undone and redone, there is no point in holding them back. I ended up believing that the universe sent us the right people at the right time, people who make us grow, that we love the moment we meet them and others that we feel we have always known. There is no chance, there are only appointments. It’s also opening your eyes and realizing that the family is infinitely valuable.

Getting back to basics has become my mantra. A little phrase that makes me love the life I have, without jealousy of others, without ever wanting more. I have invested in an association where I use all my skills and the good humour that I am capable of. Because it was the encounters that made me grow.

I look forward to this new year in order to discover all these things that I still do not imagine and that will arrive soon, continue to question my way of life to improve it every day a little more, and work on me to watch The world that surrounds me with ever more kindness. 

So I wish you all a very nice year 2019

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