Charlie's Watch

Some time ago I was fortunate enough to receive a nice box from Charlie Watch. I cracked on their watch and their way of seeing modern watchmaking. namely that it is a French brand founded in 2014 designed and assembled in France, which, it must be recognized is increasingly rare… The box that was sent to me is a collaboration in Charlie Watch and the French illustrator Tiffany Cooper, if you do not know it yet, go to her site


The idea of the "Scout" box consisting of a watch and three bracelets, is a nod to the meeting of the two founders of Charlie, Adrien strapped-Ferrière and Ambroise Parla, who met at the age of 11 years in the Scouts. Colorful and offbeat these watches are a perfect meeting between the brand and the illustrator. I admit to being particularly a fan of the rebel Raccoon and cigarette smoker (or something else…).

But hey, these watches are so original that my mom decided they were hers! Fortunately, it seems that I will soon receive another, because they are very nice at Charlie Watch.

If you are in Paris you will find their shop in the Marais at 26 rue Pastourelle 75003 Paris, and here is their site

With Love,



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