The route of Crete

I want to make you discover this little marvel: the ridge Route. The smell of the sea, the sound of the wind, the roar of the waves several hundred meters below your feet… And above all this infinite horizon that stretches before our eyes, calm and powerful at the same time. It almost seems to be out of time, the landscape is sometimes almost prehistoric, beautifully crude.

It is located on the cliff of the Cape Scoundrel and goes from the Gulf of Cassis to the Gulf of La Ciotat. A relatively large and well-appointed road that allows to admire the beauty of the sea and the cliffs. I had the chance to make this road in the company of my mom for the first time in February 2018.

However you have to pay attention to the weather when you want to get there because the winds are very violent. And if you come to discover this beautiful region in summer take your precautions because the risks of fires oblige the authorities to close this beautiful road regularly…

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