The emblematic city of the French Riviera, Nice is the perfect place to discover the art of living in France. No need to specify that it is one of the oldest city in the Mediterranean, the men settled in Nice some 400 000 years Av. B.C., to the place called Terra Amata. The Ligurians settled on the coast from 900 to 600 av. J. They’re building the first oppidums. A tribe thus occupies the so-called “Castle Hill”, another one, that of Cimiez. From the 8th century BC. BC, the Celts gradually became part of the local population, giving rise to the Celtic-Ligurian civilization.

Made of war of territory that succeeds it becomes French again at the end of the nineteenth century. Its mild winters will allow it to become a flagship tourist destination. You can also discover an architectural gem, the Orthodox Cathedral of St. Nicholas because the Russian nobles stayed regularly in Nice. St. Nicholas Cathedral was built at the beginning of the twentieth century under the patronage of the last Tsar Nicholas II and his mother the Empress Dowager Marie Feodorovna. The cathedral is the most beautiful religious building in this rite outside Russia and the most perfect representation of Russian religious art abroad.

Let yourself go and stroll in these pretty colorful streets of old Nice, eat a glass of Fenocchio in the sun on the promenade of the English, enjoy the view from the park of the Castle Hill, admire the famous hotel Negresco and the beautiful façade of the museum Matisse…

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